SattubeTV is available for all SattubeTV certified Set Top Boxes. For an up-to- date list of compatible STB brands and models.
Key Features
SattubeTV also provides a value added services layer that allows manufacturers and operators to easily implement additional business models.
Areas Of Usage
With its flexible structure, SattubeTV can be customised for different business/usage scenarios easily.
With the rapid technological developments, it is essential for the DVB solution providers to embrace the recent transformations.

Our solution to the new era market requirements is SattubeTV - an innovative satellite broadcasting platform that combines the advantages of both satellite and IP based broadcasting technologies for a unified, affordable, high performance & feature rich digital video broadcasting experience.
Key Features
Exclusive Channels SattubeTV platform comes with exclusive TV channels that are not available on other platforms.

Create Your Own Channels Thanks to SattubeTV’s IP based approach, it is extremely easy for content providers to create their own TV channnels.
Low Cost Initial setup and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to traditional satellite broadcasting platforms.
Automated Software Updates Over Satellite SattubeTV comes with an OTA Upgrade feature that allows manufacturers to update the set top boxes for their customers easily so, they make sure that they reach the end-user with an always up-to-date solution.
Highly Flexible With the help of in-house developed SattubeTV protocol, customers can broadcast their own content with new generation codecs such as HEVC, and embed value added services data into their streams for a feature rich end-user experience. This flexible approach also allows broadcasters to benefit from a significantly cost effective satellite video streaming solution compared to traditional DVB model.
Hybrid Solution SattubeTV licensed set top boxes can still be used to watch standard DVB content.

Satellite Based VOD and File Transfer SattubeTV allows content providers to send VOD and other file content directly to their customers. This process can target the whole customer base – either a predefined group or a single customer.
Channel Based Configuration Every channel in SattubeTV platform can be individually customised for a special set of customer base. This means, content providers can differentiate their services for multiple subscriber groups without investing on 3rd party solutions.
Value Added Services Support SattubeTV system offers great value added services that don’t exist on traditional set top box platforms.

Payment Support With the built in payment gateway, customers can perform on the fly purchases via the platform for premium content or other optional features.
Security and
Anti-Piracy features
We know how valuable your content is. That’s why all data traffic in SattubeTV platform is protected with industry standard AES-128 bit encryption. SattubeTV also offers a video layer based watermark solution to provide an additional measure of security against content theft & piracy. Both encryption and watermark functions are handled dynamically on server and client sides for a more robust and resilient protection scheme.
Playout System
SattubeTV has an easy to use, web based playout system which allows content providers to broadcast their content without investing on 3rd party solutions. This playout system is also integrated with SattubeTV VAS APIs. So, the return metrics for each content can easily be analysed later.
Compared to Standart
DVB Solutions
New New generation video stream technologies can be easily integrated to SattubeTV thanks to our protocol.
Easy and Low Cost Maintenance Virtually no infrastructural costs and lower license fees/initial setup costs.

Open Standards Open architecture and services API integration allows 3rd parties to implement additional functions smoothly.
User Interaction With the VAS layer, SattubeTV offers both manufacturers and operators to run numerous interactive value added services without any additional costs.
Compared to IPTV
No Geographic Restrictions Simultaneously broadcast your content on multiple satellites to millions of people.
No Internet Connection Required A satellite based solution - anyone with a satellite dish can receive the broadcasts.
Secure Content is protected with industry standard AES-128 bit encryption.
Standardisation A commercial platform that guarantees the same user experience to every box in its eco-system.
No Bottlenecks A satellite based broadcasting platform - an increase on the number of subscribers will have no impact on infrastructural costs or bandwidth fees.
Areas of Usage
With its flexible structure, SattubeTV can be customised for different business/usage scenarios easily.

Most of these cases do not require an active Internet connection at all.
Some services may require an active Internet connection on the STB side or on another device such as a mobile smartphone, especially in cases regarding payment support.
PPV & Premium Channels
for Content Providers
3rd party companies and individuals can create PPV channels through SattubeTV gateway. These channels can be configured to remain active from a few hours to a complete month depending on the operator’s choice. Access for each channel can be managed for every subscriber individually.

Payments for these channels can be made through SattubeTV’s own payment transaction system or 3rd party payment gateways such as Google Wallet, Paypal and Alipay.
Offline Video on Demand
SattubeTV offers video on demand solution through pre-loaded content. In this case, the operator pushes pre-encrypted media content to users’ STBs to be stored in the protected flash area.

After that, customers can select the content they’d like to watch. After the transaction, the system automatically decrypts the selected content, enabling customers to watch it for a predefined period of time.
Digital Signage Solutions
Each SattubeTV compatible STB is equipped with a built-in digital signage functionality, enabling operators to easily send push messages and announcements to subscriber STBs. This messaging system comes with variable supports such as %name, %date, %time etc. and can be configured for transmission of the content based on a predefined group of users or even individuals.

This function can also be used inline with the file transfer function and additional rich media content can be displayed on the customer screen instead of text based messages.
New York Clouds Clouds Clouds Clouds
Cyrio is our value added service infrastructure; a completely scalable solution that can simultaneously serve millions of set top boxes.

Cyrio allows us to provide our customers and end users a feature rich user experience.

Cyrio is a fully API driven solution. Integration with 3rd parties is completely scalable and virtually seamless.

Some of Cyrio’s most important functions are:
• Subscriber management
• Payment management
• Metrics and profiling
• Interactive EPG services with an object based approach
Online Rating System
With Cyrio, SattubeTV becomes a powerful set of value added services provider for end users and companies. While end users enjoy the advantages of additional content on their TVs through the powerful VAS infrastructure, companies benefit from the system with detailed analytics and data that they can use for business oriented interactive solutions.

With SattubeTV, it is possible to get detailed rating analytics from subscribers for SattubeTV and DVB channels.

With this new and groundbreaking rating infrastructure, operators can monitor the ratings for their on-air content in real time.
The boundaries of traditional rating methods are surpassed by the STRS approach by giving the opportunity to evaluate the real popularity of any TV show with large amounts of sample data.

SattubeTV rating system is supported on all SattubeTV compatible STBs with an active Internet connection and it is activated based on subscriber preference.

The system allows to monitor different sample groups simultaneously and filter audience preferences depending on different demographic properties.
Rating system can be used in conjunction with advanced content tagging functions to monitor behaviour patterns of individuals or specific groups for creating effective marketing strategies.
Data Mining & Profiling
SattubeTV collects anonymous user behaviour data to provide additional services through the eco-system.

The data can be used for data mining and profiling functions to provide a much more personalised user experience for the end user. Some examples for this scenario are:

• Personalized advertisements through digital signage functionality
• Personalized advertisements through UI functions (Home screen branding etc.)
• Content differentiation
• Content recommendation

FG Digital was established in Istanbul in 2007 as a R&D Company in DVB , Telecommunation and Electronical Fields.

Our strength comes from to think like a customer; Asking the question “What would WE want in a product?” is one of the most important aspects of our work.

Areas of Expertise
We have broadened our focus to the following sectors after a very successful record of innovative products and solutions for the DVB business:
• DVB systems research and development
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